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VMOU One Week Series 2024 आजाद वन वीक सीरीज पीडीएफ़

Students of Vardhman Mahaveer Open University Kota can use VMOU One Week Series to prepare for their exams to be held in the month of June and December every year. vmou azad one week series pdf is made available online for BA BSc BCOM MA MSc MCOM and many other courses to download.


VMOU One Week Series 2024

vmou one week series pdf download

Vardhman Mahaveer Open University offers many courses for UG PG Diploma & Certificate levels. Every year thousands of students get admission to these courses. If you are doing any course at this university, then you must be using the books sent by the university for exam preparation.

Many students do not want to study from the books sent by the university, so there is a way for them that they can prepare well for the exam in less time through the VMOU One Week Series. One week series of almost all the courses of the university is available in the market and online, through which students can prepare for the examination.

Students who do not want to buy One Week Series from offline stores can use the Kota Open University One Week Series PDF for exam preparation for courses like BA, BSc, BCom, MA, MSc, Mcom, etc.

Azad One Week Series PDF

The most used One Week Series by the students of Vardhman Mahaveer Open University Kota is the Azad One Week Series. Ajaymeru Publication releases one weekly series for almost every subject of major courses offered by Kota Open University.

Azad One Week Series PDF is not yet officially released by Ajaymeru Publication but the PDF of the One Week Series of many courses and subjects are created and uploaded online by the students. If students want, they can get or download vmou azad one week series pdf online from many sources but we do not recommend doing so.

Ajaymeru VMOU books are also in demand by many students, but let us tell you that only one-week series is released by this publication for the students of Vardhman Mahaveer Open University. If any student wants vmou books pdf then he/she can download it.


If you are looking for the VMOU One Week Series of BA course for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year then you can look at the below table for the one-week series. The one week series is given for all the subjects of the BA course.

BA 1st Year One Week Series 👇

Subject CodeSubject NameOne Week Series
GE-01Physical Geography
GE-02Geography of Rajasthan
GE-03Practical Geography
QESEnvironmental Studies
QHDGeneral Hindi
RJ-01Adhunik Rajasthani Gadh Sahitya
RJ-02Adhunik Rajasthani Padh Sahitya
SA-01Natak, Katha, Sahitya, Chhand evam Alankar
SA-02Bhartiya Sanskriti ke Tatva, Pad, Sahitya, Anuvad & Vyakarana
SO-01Introductory Sociology
SO-02Society in India
SW-01Social Work: Concept, Meaning, and Philosophy
SW-02Historical and Professional Development of Social Work
UD-01Gair Afsanvi Nasra
UD-02Urdu Gazal
EC-01Micro Economic Theory
EC-02Issues in Indian Economic Development
ED-01Understanding Education
ED-02Understanding Learner
EG-01Poetry and Drama
EG-02Prose and Fiction
GP-01Mahatma Gandhi: His Life and Work
GP-02Peace Studies
HD-01Prachin & Madhyakalin Kavya
HD-02Katha Sahitya
HI-01History of India (Earliest Time to 1200 AD)
HI-02History of Rajasthan (Earliest Time to 1956 AD)
JM-01Computer Application and CyberMedia
JM-02Communication and Development Communication
MT-01Discrete Mathematics
MT-02Calculus and Differential Equations
MT-03Coordinate Geometry and Mathematical Programming
PA-01Principles of Public Administration
PA-02Public Administration in India
PS-01Foundation of Political Science
PS-02Indian Political Thinkers

BA Part 2 One Week Series 👇

Subject CodeName of the SubjectOne Week Series
QCAElementary Computer Application
QEGGeneral English..
RJ-03Madhyakalin Rajasthani Gadhya..
RJ-04Madhyakalin Rajasthani Padhya..
SA-03Kavya tatha Sanskrit Sahitya ka Itihaas..
SA-04Gadh, Samaj Prakaran tatha Nibandh..
SO-03Social Research
SO-04Social Problems in India.
SW-19Concept, Meaning, and Characteristics of Indian Society..
SW-20Social Case Work and Social group work….
UD-03Afsanvi Nasra aur Tarjuma
UD-04Urdu Shayari aur Blagat..
EC-03Macro Economics..
EC-04Economy of Rajasthan
ED-03Education and Development
ED-04Education and Society
EG-03Poetry and Drama Part-II
EG-04Prose and Fiction Part-II….
GE-04Geography of Resources
GE-05Human Geography
GE-06Practical Geography
GP-03Gandhian Thought
GP-04Peace Movements, Peace Approaches, and Peace Process….
HD-03Hindi Gadh Bhag-II (Natak & Anya Gadhya Vidhayen)
HD-04Hindi Sahitya ki Itihaas
HI-03History of India (1200-1740 AD)…..
HI-04History of India (1740-1947 AD)
JM-03History of Mass Communication Media
JM-04Media Writing
MT-04Real Analysis & Metric Space
MT-05Differential Equation
MT-06Numerical Analysis and Vector Calculus
PA-03Indian Administrative Institutions
PA-04State Administration in India
PS-03Comparative Political Institutions and Good Governance
PS-04Indian Politics – An Introduction
PSY-03Psychological Statistics and Measurement
PSY-04Social Psychology

BA Final Year One Week Series 👇

Subject CodeSubject NameOne Week Series
EC-05Quantitative Methods
EC-06Money, Banking & Public Finance
ED-05Indian Experiment in Education
ED-06Western Educational Thought and Thinkers
EG-05Poetry and Drama Part-III
EG-06Prose and Fiction Part-III
GE-07Geography of Asia
GE-08Geography of India
GE-09Practical Geography
GP-05Gandhi and Other Thinkers
GP-06Gandhi and Contemporary World
HD-05Adhunik Kavya
HD-06Hindi Bhasa evam Prayojan Moolak Hindi
HI-05Contemporary India (1947-2000 AD)
HI-06History of Modern World (1453-1950 AD)
JM-05Public Relations and Advertising
JM-06Editing, Layout, and Printing
MT-08Complex Analysis
PA-05Comparative Public Administration
PA-06Local Self Government
PS-05Political Theory & Thought
PS-06Contemporary International Relations
PSY-05Theories and System of Psychology
RJ-05Prachin evam Madhyakalin Sahitya (Kavya tatha Gadhya)
RJ-06Rajasthani Bhasa evam Sahitya ka Itihaas
SA-05Natak evam Vyakarana
SA-06Ved, Upnishad tatha Bhartiya Darshan
SO-05Social Thinkers
SO-06Social Anthropology
SW-15Patterns of Social Work
UD-05Tarik, Tankeed aur Electronic Media
UD-06Urdu Shayari

If you not pursuing the Bachelor of Arts programme from VMOU, then you can download one-week series for other UG courses from the below-given table. The one-week series is available in pdf version and made as per the syllabus released by the university for the examination session 2022-23.

Course & YearOne Week Series
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
1st year
2nd year
3rd year
Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)
1st year
2nd year
Final year
Bachelor of Comp. App. (BCA)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Bachelor of Library Science
1st year
2nd year
3rd year

If you are pursuing any Post graduation degree from Vardhman Mahaveer Open University, then you can download VMOU One Week Series for MA, MSc, MCOM, etc from the table given below.

CourseYearOne Week Series
Master of Arts (M.A.)
Geography Previous
Pol. Science Previous
Geography Previous
Economics Previous
English Previous
Rajasthani Previous
Sociology Previous
Sanskrit Previous
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Physics Previous
Zoology Previous
Botany Previous
Mathematics Previous
Master of Commerce (MCOM)available soon

If you have not found vmou azad one week series pdf for any course or subject then remember that our team is trying its best to provide these one week series for you and they will soon be available here for you. Keep patience, thank you.

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  1. SIR, I’m appeard in BA 1ST Year (Pass Course). My medium is ENGLISH MEDIUM. I wanst HISTORY, SOCIOLOGY AND GANDHI & PEACE ON WEEK SERIES in ENGLISH MEDIUM. Can you avail me. If not, then why the VMOU is providing students for ENGLISH MEDIUM also.

  2. बीएससी अंतिम वर्ष की निम्नांकित वन वीक सीरीज उपलब्ध करवाने की कृपा करावे-

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